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Staying Engaged While Social Distancing

Challenge your brain, explore a museum, or chat with friends using the resources and tools linked below.

Experts agree: it’s important for your mental health to maintain a sense of normalcy in times like these. That means sticking to a routine, getting enough sleep, and staying active, both in mind and body. We’ve assembled some guides from around the web to help you make the most of your time spent indoors, from virtual tours of art galleries to video chatting apps that will keep you connected with the people you love. Explore below, and remember: the key to staying happy and healthy while practicing social distancing is to stay occupied. So, take up a new hobby, learn a new language, or order in! Social distancing is what you make it.

Eating Out Without Leaving Home

Stay Close to the People You Love with Video Calling Apps

Keeping Your Brain Engaged and Mind Sharp

 Stay Educated with These Free Resources

 See the World from your couch with these Virtual Tours

 Staying Occupied: What to do while social distancing?

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